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Three Kinds Of Computer Chairs Cleaning And Maintenance Treasure Apr 12, 2017

Now many families have computer chairs, regular computer chairs sit very comfortable, the problem is that the use of a long time, many people do not know how to clean and maintain. To this end, small series specially consulted the professional, at the same time combining the daily experience, summed up a set of computer chairs cleaning and maintenance treasure.

It is understood that the computer now on the market chairs, according to material classification, mainly divided into two types of mesh, cortex, in addition, there is a recently popular cloth computer chairs. Because of different materials, cleaning and maintenance methods are different. Detailed below.

1. Network cloth computer Chairs, how to clean and maintain?

Whether it is abroad, or domestic, mainstream ergonomic computer chairs, in order to protect the human body's comfortable and healthy, mainly network cloth material computer chairs. Functional aspects and do not say, the most direct is the air permeability of the cloth chairs than leather-like computer chairs, so that a sedentary family and the boss sitting more comfortable, so the office is very common this type of chair.

In the maintenance, pay attention to do not in the net cloth chairs on the scissors, knives and other things easily cut the mesh cloth, there are conditions can also add a dust cover.

In the cleaning, the main cushion is not good cleaning, of course, some high-end computer chairs, is the use of net cloth cushion, cushion no sponge, such a chair clean relatively simple. Most of the home or office, mainly used in the cushion with a sponge of the computer chairs, so the following mainly talk about the cleaning of such chairs. There are two different ways to choose from the different families.

The first way: apply to the home without a vacuum cleaner.

First Use feather duster and so on the dust.

First with a little detergent put in water, put the cloth in the influent, and twist more dry.

Scrub the chairs several times before using a rag.

Gently wash with a soft brush, then air-dry. To quickly dry, you can also consider blowing hair dryer, just don't blow too long.

Second: Applicable to the vacuum cleaner, preferably with a high temperature cleaning machine.

(1). Dust Remover first. The first vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust, the whole adsorption particles. No vacuum cleaner, with feather duster and so on the dust, but also for the whole first dust.

(2). Dilution detergent, also can inject water tanks, and then in the computer chair a comprehensive spray cleaning agent.

(3). Let the detergent stay in the computer chair for some time, let the stain out of the fiber.

(4). Wash the machine with a high temperature cleaner, then drying it with the dryer. If you do not have these electrical equipment, or use a soft brush gently wash, and then air-dry.