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Computer Chair Material Type Apr 12, 2017

1 Ordinary plastic feet: the basic phase-out, poor quality reliability. Most of them are small chairs in use. Because of the recycling of plastics, such products are relatively environmentally friendly.

2 Nylon plastic Foot: now has a lot of use, quality and high-grade. If the five claws on the wheels are not installed, with a brick of five claw tip pad, weighing 1.5 tons of car, the wheel on the five claws pressed, or static pressure constantly, the quality is completely relieved. Because of the recycling of plastics, such products are relatively environmentally friendly.

3 Steel iron feet (paint, electroplating): Rust, weld seam easily cracked.

4 Wooden feet: iron rack, wood surface only play decorative role.

5 Aluminum alloy feet


Angle free adjustment, stepless locking, arc-shaped back design, bow frame strength and elastic treatment, handrail arc streamline processing, etc.

Protection of the waist

It is the habit of many young people to sit in front of a computer without going anywhere, whether in the office or at home. Time is long, will appear blurred eyes, backache, and so on, this is because if the computer chairs and desks are not enough to match, it is easy to damage the eyes and joints. You should pick up a suitable computer chair in time.

One, computer chairs as far as possible to choose the adjustable function

"Computer Clan" at Home Office, the time of the game is getting longer, rigid, formula-like routine office space has not met the needs of people. Therefore, the color diversity, the modelling chic, the use convenient and so on the individuality development, the attention humanized office furniture also more and more, but only the modelling or the function is not enough. Whether at home or in the office, the design of office space must be rational based on the perceptual play, that is, specialization and personalization. Many people's office chairs are not highly qualified, so that the body can not be freed from backache. So how can you adjust your office chairs to "best"? Start by adjusting your desk or workbench to the right height based on the nature of your work. Because, the different desk height of the seating position has different requirements, sometimes even need to change a seat. Once the height of the desk is fixed, you can adjust the height of your seat as a "reference" to your desk and body height.

A good computer chair should not only sit comfortably, but also in the vertical and horizontal direction should have a higher degree of freedom, that is, adjustable amplitude.

Choosing a comfortable chair is essential. A good chair has dual aerodynamic function, can adjust the height of the chair, but also adjustable the angle of the chair's back pitch.

When purchasing, you can sit down and feel the back of the chair is soft and hard moderate, the chair back curve is fit the human spine bending degree, full support back, waist can relieve the back overweight pressure load, ensure correct posture; whether the seat is broad and thick, fully supported, can relieve the body when sitting down by the weight of the impact of the human body, also can relieve the pressure on the buttocks at the long desk, relax, improve work efficiency. Also pay attention to the choice of casters: Whether it is safe smooth, on the carpet can freely rotate, the wheel of plastic texture is too the floor damage.

Second, put a cushion to stay seated

Cushion, can alleviate the person of lumbar muscle strain to play the role, but use cushion also has a lot of exquisite. First cushion must be put in the waist, put on the back is invalid. This is because the normal human spine has three physiological bends, because of physiological requirements they do not grow in a straight line, the thoracic spine convex, cervical vertebra and lumbar forward convex, from the side look, the spine is like two s connections. Because of this physiological characteristic, the waist and the back cannot be placed in the same plane.

Therefore, sitting in the computer chair, if at the waist to put a cushion, can make the waist to be effective support, to maintain the lumbar spine flexion physiology, balanced lumbar spine, waist muscle pressure, reduce strain, increase comfort, prevent and improve lumbar discomfort, the stability of the spine is beneficial.

The next is the thickness of the cushion to fit. Can not be too thin too soft, so not to the role of the waist, not too thick too hard, too thick may cause lumbar excessive anterior flexion, but too hard will get people uncomfortable. In the selection of the cushion can be put on the waist, if the pad after ten minutes still feel comfortable, then this thickness is suitable, if you feel the waist back fatigue and even pain, the cushion is not eligible. Again, the lumbar intervertebral disc herniation and lumbar spinal canal stenosis people, more attention to cushion comfort.

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