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Dimension problems in the design of office chairs Apr 12, 2017

Office chairs as an important part of urban environmental facilities, is the urban outdoor environment to alleviate fatigue, provide a rest of the most intimate contact with people sitting resting facilities. Therefore, it is important to ensure that users are safe and comfortable using office chairs. In recent years, the office chair size design application research, has gradually attracted the domestic designers attention, but the size improvement is mainly the case study, does not have the system method and the principle. This has a direct relationship with the designer's lack of human dimension knowledge. Therefore, how to use the theory of human dimension to study the dimension design, establish a scientific standard size design method is the focus of office chair design Research.

By investigating the application of office Chair scale, the following deficiencies are found.

With the development of city, people's outdoor activities increase, office chairs as an important part of environmental facilities, the role of increasingly prominent. But in the investigation found that there is a large number of idle office chairs, no embarrassment of the phenomenon. There are many reasons why users should abandon their chairs and find another. But visit found the root cause is the designer does not have reasonable choice of body size to carry out the office chair scale planning, leading to the use of seats in the production of uncomfortable, unsafe physical and psychological feelings.

By investigating the use of public space seats in the city parks and other places to discover, this kind of outdoor public space can sit very much, in addition to basic seat settings, all steps on the edge of the flower beds can provide a short rest. But the user's evaluation of comfort and satisfaction is not high, the research found that the user and designers to outdoor space seating requirements is the root cause. The main users of the outdoor space such as city parks are the elderly retired groups. The seats are comfortable, safe and easy to communicate and stay for long periods. While the existing flower beds and other facilities are only in the large passenger traffic to provide tourists with a short rest and nap, the overall scale of comfort requirements is not high, so the elderly people to the seat comfort requirements for higher groups, the overall scale is not satisfied with the use of community needs.

Size design of office chairs in addition to scientific and rational selection of relevant dimensions for design, dimensional determination of many objective factors is to improve the essential factors of human nature. Examples of poor seating size due to objective factors abound. As the city Plaza in southern China office chairs design, the size of the north of the size of the measurement of the human body, its inevitable result is in the actual use, will make users feel the size of the large, slightly higher than comfortable sitting. This is the office chair design of the body size data selection of the objective factors to consider inadequate, is also the current office chair design of the important problem.